Greenhills Christian Fellowship York
GOD USES ORDINARY PEOPLE: Special Stories about Common People
08-Jul-18 Turning Guests into Friends P. Narry
15-Jul-18 Acceptance with Warm Welcome P. Marvin
22-Jul-18 Making Room for Others P. Narry
29-Jul-18 Extravagant & Untamed Hospitality P. Narry
12-Aug-18 Opening Homes, Opening Hearts P. Ferdie
03-Jun-18 Hearty Service to the New & Needy P. Narry
Pastor Ferdie Umali

Pastor Ferdie Umali

Evangelizing and Edifying ministries of GCF-York

Ferdie Umali serves in the Evangelizing and Edifying ministries of GCF-York (and GCF-Peel). He worked as a Medical Technologist in the Arabian Peninsula (Middle East) for 25 years, migrated to Canada in 2010 and served in local churches of Greater Toronto Area before coming to GCF in 2015. He is very much interested in reaching out to immigrants and passionate to plant multi-cultural churches across the region. He graduated from Tyndale Seminary with Master of Divinity major in Global Mission & Intercultural Studies. He is married to Beth and has 3 children: Jayjay, Jenny and Jammy.