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Healthy Habits of Handling Conflicts

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02-Jun 19: Healthy Habits of Harmony - Pastor Narry Santos
09-Jun-19: How to Handle our Disputes - Bro. James Diolanda
16-June-19: Experiencing Our Father's Prodigal Love - Dr. Narry Santos


(Luke 15:11-32)

 Fathers’ Day is a timely reminder to experience afresh the love of our heavenly Father. Whatever experience we may have had with our earthly fathers, we can now know firsthand that our Father in heaven loves us. The famous & well-loved parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) captures the fullness of God’s “prodigal” (or extravagant) love through the father of the Prodigal Son. What can we learn from the love of our heavenly Father?


Even though the Prodigal Son wounded his father’s heart (15:11-12), even though the son went away to waste his resources in wild & wanton living (15:13-16), & even though it took time for him to come to his senses (15:17-19), the father was waiting patiently for his son’s return (15:20a). What moved him to wait patiently? It’s the father’s compassion (15:20b). When his son came back, he threw his arms around the son & kissed him (15:20c). Receive God’s compassion for you today!


Even though the son did not deserve to be received back (15:19, 21), even though the son’s actions angered his brother intensely (15:28a, 30), the father welcomed his son unconditionally (15:22) with a robe (reserved for a guest of honour), ring (signifying authority), & sandals (used by a free man). His passionate love led him to throw a grand party (15:23) with a fattened calf (fit for a special occasion). May we celebrate the Father’s love for us by sharing it with others!

23-Jun-19: How to Help Resolve Conflicts - Pastor Marvin Catanus
30-Jun-19: How to Care Enough to Confront - Pastor Ferdie Umali

Bible Text: Matthew 18:15-20 (ESV)
Sermon Summary:

Although, as Christians, our salvation is assured in Christ (cf. John 1:12; 3:16; 10:28-29; Rom 10:9; 1 John 5:13; Eph 1:4-5, 13-14), sometimes we fail and suffer the consequences of our sins or misbehavior. As a church we need to be aware that some of God’s children may have difficulty in getting along with each other and there is an immediate need to settle the differences amongst them. Our text aims to solve this potential threat to our unity as the body of Christ. When disputes happen, the following biblical steps have to be taken:

I. Step One: Settle the matter ________________, just the two of you (v.15).
II. Step Two: _____________________ from “one or two others” (v.16).
III. Step Three: ____________________ from the church (v. 17a).
IV. Step Four: Keep the local assembly in _________________ state (vv. 17b-20).

Key Words (to be used when the outline will be posted in the website):
Step One – “privately”
Step Two – “Ask help”
Step Three – “Ask help”
Step Four – “spiritual”