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Treasuring God Through Our Treasures

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28-Apr 19 Sowing and Reaping by Pastor Marvin


Preacher: Pastor Marvin

2 Cor 9:6-15

Types of Giving

How and How not to Give

You give the way you view God
– God as taker
– God as giver

God gives on all sides

Harvest of Righteousness
– v11
– v12
– v14

Challenge: All about the Giver

05-May-19: Give Like God Gives by James D.


John 3:16

Don’t you know that Jesus talked about money or possessions more than anything while He was here on Earth? 16 out of 33 parables deal with giving, stewardship, treasures and gifts. As followers of Christ, do we truly understand the essence of giving? Today, let’s look at the perfect example of a perfect giver; our Heavenly Father.

I. God gives Lovingly

Verse: For God so loved the world… – The overflowing love of God in us enables Him to shower us with blessings. He affectionately gave so we may live in freedom.

II. God gives Willingly

Verse: …that He gave…. – He graciously supply all of our needs without regrets and second thoughts. He wholeheartedly give so we may abundantly receive.

III. God gives Unselfishly

Verse: …His one and only Son… – He unselfishly gave His one and only Son as atonement for our sins. He generously gave so we may be saved.

IV. God gives Sufficiently

Verse: …that whoever believes in Him… – Believing in Christ is more than just an acknowledgement of His presence, it’s also the confidence in His provision.

 V. God gives Rewardingly

Verse: …will not perish but have eternal life.God gives as a mean of reward, not that we need to earn it but it give us a sense of fulfillment. From the eternal consequence of death to the everlasting life with Him.

12-May-19: Mother’s Day Message by Ptr. Marvin


Proverbs 31:25-30


Mothers in the Bible:

  1. Eve – the very first mother (Gen 4:1-2)
  2. Sarah – Mother who waits (Gen 11:30)
  3. Jochebed – The rescuer (Numbers26:59)
  4. Hannah – Mother with a promise(1 Sam 1:11)
  5. Mary – Mother of Jesus (Luke 1:38)



  1. Where is your focus
  2. Don’t doubt God (Gen 3:1)
  3. God’s Word (Deut 8:3)
  4. You can’t control everything
  5. Don’t seek material things
  6. You are a child of God (Mark 1:11)



  1. Nothing is too difficult for God (Gen 18:10)
  2. You will have your moment of weakness (Gen 18:12)
  3. You will be tested by God (1 Cor 10:12)
  4. Wives must understand honor and submission (Eph 5:22-33)
  5. From doubt to faith (Heb 11:11-12)



  1. Trial of Her Faith (Heb 11:23)
  2. Foundation of Her Faith
  3. Exercise of Her Faith
  4. Response to Her Faith
  5. Reward of Her Faith (Ex 2:9)



  1. Life will be hard
  2. God does understand.
  3. Cast problems to the Lord
  4. God answers our prayers (Matt 7:7)
  5. Keep your promises to God or anyone
  6. God gives more than we ask


Mary, the mother of Jesus

  1. It’s ok to be afraid (Luke 1:29-30)
  2. No matter who you are the Lord can use you
  3. Be available
  4. Have faith
19-May-19: How Not To Be Possessed by Possessions by Pastor Narry


By Dr. Narry Santos

(Malachi 3:6-12)

Today, we conclude the brief series on “Treasuring God through our Treasures.” Good stewardship demands the good use of our time, body, & talents/gifts. It also demands that we be good stewards of our possessions. The art of giving both measures the breadth of our stewardship and marks the depth of our spirituality. Whatever be our set of circumstances in life, our faith is related to our finances, our growth to our giving, and our spirituality to our stewardship. Using Malachi 3:6-12, how can we not be possessed by our possessions?


We become good stewards of our possessions, when we return to God with the right perspective about Him. God charged the priests of Israel with grave dishonour and disrespect (1:6), because they defiled worship of God with defective animal offerings (1:8, 13). As priests, they knew better (Lev. 22:17-30; Deut. 15:21). But they acted inappropriately; thus, their offering was unacceptable before God. Even the people did not live rightly (2:11, 13-14, 16; 3:5). Yet God invites them, “Return to me, and I will return to you” (3:7), in light of God’s unchanging nature to love (3:6; cf. 1:2a). Let’s return to God and restore our right relationship and living with Him.


We become good stewards of our possessions, when we return to God with the right practice toward Him. God charged the people of Israel with one grave issue: “robbery” (3:8-9). It is robbery not in the sense that they took what was not theirs, but in the sense that they kept back for themselves what belonged to God. They did not give God the tithes due Him. The tithe, which is due God, is the 10th of all produce and livestock belonging to the people (Lev. 27:30, 32; Deut. 14:28-29; cf. Gen. 14:20). After his charge of robbery, God gives them the extra motivation to test Him and see how He would bless those who give fully to Him (3:10-12). Let’s return to God by giving Him what is due Him in our weekly giving.

26-May-19: A Defense for the Hope We Have by Bro. Alan Friesner


(1Peter 3:15)

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;


Define the terms

Evangelism vs Defense

Great Commission

Your personal Defense for the hope we have